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Perfect Tyagi Hospital

Perfect Tyagi Hospital is a Multi-Speciality Hospital in Dilshad Garden, Delhi. The clinic visits by doctors like Dr. Varun Tyagi, Dr. Nirupama Tyagi, and Dr. Mamta Tyagi. This is known well-reputed housing for Gynecologist recommended by uncountable patients.

To better serve humanity, a wide range of facilities needs to exist in the modern hospital. However, today’s health care centers are well equipped and developed with all kinds of facilities as well as the emergency ward.

Hospital services focus on minor too big issues and provide solutions on how to take care well. These are generally shaped by today's needs of patients at the hospital is known as a one-stop medical center to treat every disease or medical condition. The healthcare industry is growing at a fast pace where medical centers prescribing medical treatment in every corner of the world to reduce morbidity.

Perfect Tyagi is providing the total number of services to heal medical problems with their best. Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Skin Pulse Treatment, X-Ray, Pediatrics, Laboratory, Scar Treatment, Laser Hair Removal – Face, Tattoo Removal, Anti Aging Treatment, Skin Pulse Treatment, Hair Loss Treatment, Sun Spots, Age Spots, And Other Pigmented Lesions, Acne / Pimples Treatment & Weight Loss Diet Counseling, etc.

The Challenges

Hospital is a health care center that never gets tired during the day or nights but now the patient crowd at the hospital making their jobs stressful. Every patient has constant necessary for treatment or medication requires a lot of resources and facilities provided to the patients.

Now the challenges are difficult due to the increase of patients’ visits over the counter, in terms of bed availability, emergency ward, long waiting queues, and patient discharge summary, patient safety & satisfaction are the main concerns. No, any doctor wants to disappoint patients due to the unavailability of resources at the hospital.

Big investment by hiring staff for multi-branch hospitals. This is the main concern, treating patients at multiple locations with different staff and nurses which requires sufficient resources.

When a hospital uses outside pharmacy the total number of patients purchase medicine by placing prescription over the counter. But having in house pharmacy will be benefitted in saving a huge amount of money.

A solution that Works Better

To better support a growing healthcare center, we take care all of their requirements at our best. Hospital Software is an exclusive solution to ease work pressure and improve the patient experience by delivering quality health care services in a timely manner. The software is cost-effective with quick installation take your services to the next level. Let’s get started from beginning here.

Patient data management is a complex process that takes a lot more time to manage the entire clinical/hospital workflow. On the other hand, medical formalities have grown exponentially that need to be done well. It enables to store important information collected across the multi-branch hospitals. With single software, a doctor/hospital can track or manage the health care system.

How to cut queue stay in hospitals and raise patient satisfaction with healthcare services. Hospital Management Software provides an integrated network for inpatient & outpatient that serves better and lower the cost. A queue management system is advantageous features in both favor doctors and patients don’t let wait for hours in the queue. It reduces the crowd and improves the patient experience.

Later to discuss multi-branch hospitals seek better management under a roof with quick access. Similarly, the software system provides multi-branch configurations to manage multi hospitals in distant places. It provides comfort and convenience with effective control in hand. The system helps in saving a huge amount of money.

All in one EHR software electronic health records. After treating and diagnosing the patient's disease e-prescribing can be directly sent at the pharmacy counter. This is the most significant part of the software enables to leverage healthcare services in house. Hospital Software automates workflow and maintains the business standard at a level.

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