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Janta Hospital Barwala

Janta Hospital was in existence for 32 years, which has been established, documented & implemented to meet the standard requirement ‘ISO’ 9001-2008 to serve humanity all over India. Dr Anant Ram Janta Hospital, Barwala, and Anant Medicare Center, Hisar situated at the heart of the city Barwala and the other branches are in Hisar. Janta Hospital provides providing the best health care services and facilities to the patients in every corner of the world. Janta Hospital provides full health care facilities at affordable charges under a roof.

Janta Hospital is driven to become the best health care organization with a huge space to serve patients and families for saving lives with the help of excellent emergency care. The dominant services are provided Cardiac care, Paramedical Training, De-addiction, Blood Bank & Yoga Ashram facilities. It has 100 beds and over 20 critical care beds with 5 operation theater catering to serve 20 specialties.

All the medical specialty fits to serve the human being by diagnosing and treating the disease. The main specialties are Dental, Pathology, Nursing, Opthalmology, Surgery, Emergency & Trauma Care, Gynecology, Radiology, Pharmacy, Yoga & Naturopathy, etc. The real care is provided at Janta Hospital.


Janta Hospital is the medical centre for the patients as they diagnose and treat all types of diseases. There are huge staffs, rooms and long queues all need to manage inside the hospital. Undoubtedly hospitals want to establish comfort by implementing better methods to improve the health care system and reduce patient wait times. These are dominant points to remember while running a hospital.


An integrated software solution for hospital management regarding patient data collection and managing other administrative and financial aspects. Hospital Software is one of the most demanding products eliminate paper-based information processing and manual tedious jobs of medical staffs. All the hospital departments can be managed via software without visiting them and collecting paper files etc. Thus, the difficulties have been minimized to some extent for the healthcare industry with all in one software system.

From large to medium hospitals can benefit from this Hospital Management System tailor their business needs at pocket-friendly investment. Now the time to digitally run your hospital with advanced software solutions takes care of all of your healthcare practices and financial activities related to administration and patients, electronic health records, staff management and cutting the cost as well.

Difficulties in writing a prescription and collecting reports to fill up the details manually take longer time. Thus, Hospital Software is designed to facilitate healthcare professionals by eliminating their paperwork and other related tiresome jobs everything they need is computer-based.

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