Integration & Interfaces

Transfer Information that We Interact With Devices

Integration & Interfaces

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest and growing industries where IT Management and administration developing crucial software. Hospital Software establishment creating comfort and convenience to get support for running hospitals.

An innovative IT department develops an empowering atmosphere to simplify and automate health care practices. A lot more formalities can be managed with the help of cost-effective & standard software. The software development and designing process took place to meet the regular requirements in a high performing way.

Hospital Software provides a bunch of inbuilt features to ease the medical practitioner's pain to manage entire hospital functions. With the best-suited software, a doctor can increase work efficiency of storing medical data, generating bills and creating treatment plans and securing data.

Maintain proper paperless operations and provide the facility to auto-generate documentation. This is the most compatible system that helps in maintaining transparency between medical assistants at every level.

Integration & Interfaces Available
  • Tally
  • SMS Integration
  • Lab Machine
  • Barcode Integration
  • Queue Managment
  • Patient Mobile App
  • HR/Payroll Management
Healthcare Standards
  • NABH
  • ICD-10
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Machine Integration & Interfaces

A machine interface is typically a dashboard that connects a person with machines or devices. It is simple & easy when input can be seen on the screen that enables the user to interact with a device. The same thing applies here as we provide Hospital Software with machine integration like barcode integration and SMS/Email integration.

  • User Interface
  • Hardware Interface
  • Software Interface
  • Communication Protocols & Interfaces
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