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case studies
Navjeevan Multispeciality Hospital

Navjeevan Multispeciality Hospital is a Physiotherapist Hospital in Hisar City, Hisar. The clinic is visited by a general surgeon like Dr. Manoj Kumar Sunar and Dr. Shanti Poonia. The timings of Navjeevan Multispeciality Hospital are Mon-Sun: 00:00-23:59. Navjeevan Hospital services are Endoscopic Surgery, Breast Reduction Surgery, Neck Pain Physiotherapy, Incisional Hernia, and Physiotherapy, etc.

Common Challenges

Now doctors have extremely difficult jobs arising from day to day operational challenges. Figure out the comprehensive medical formalities that need to do regularly cause stress & discomfort. We are highlighting the most common challenges a doctor face today following as:

A doctor is known to heal the disease, alleviate pain and save lives. For centuries, doctors are having a very busy lifestyle, treating hundreds or thousands of patients in days or weeks. But doing all manually seems tedious, which affects their practices and patient care. Although struggling to run a hospital.

  • Organizing patients flow and reduce waiting times
  • Lack of machine integration with hospital equipment
  • No centralized reporting system for tracking data
  • Mismanagement of patient information due to workload
  • Absence of the digitization which automates workflow and service quality
  • Less time with patients

Hospital Software has installed at Navjeevan Multispeciality Hospital that will digitize overall hospital operations faster & smarter. There is always a patient crowd that will be easily managed by the Queue Management System.

Machine Integration is allowed which helps to connect hospital types of equipment for easy information sharing. This system takes less time to get reports ready in your hand.

Queue Management System eliminates the crowd, reduces patient anxiety, helps in saving time for both.

E -prescription is also auto-generated which can directly send to the pharmacy. This is an advantageous regarding patient care, increase satisfaction and enhance quality care.

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