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SMS Service

SMS Service

India's leading bulk sms service provider

We are a decade old firm in the business of online bulk SMS services, catering to all types of customers, big, medium and small through our innovative solutions for sending group SMS all over India via different gateway networks. SMS Marketing is an opportunity we were extremely excited to explore. We have successfully designed and delivered many bulk SMS service campaigns for our clients and are extremely eager to share it with all those who are looking for an effective medium to reach out to clients within seconds at prices that meet the budget

Promotional SMS
  • Promotional sms are the messages sent for advancing, up-offering, publicizing your business.
Transactional SMS
  • Transactional SMS are the messages which contains information sent by an enrolled organization to its workers or specialists.
Bulk Sms API
  • The bulk sms api helps in choosing the quality and unwavering quality of SMS benefit utilized.
Bulk SMS Resellers
  • As being the leading SMS marketing solution provider in India, we invite you to partnering with us to become the cheapest SMS reseller in India.
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Welcome to the most trusted, reliable, powerful and easy to use bulk sms gateway .What makes us the most loved bulk sms gateway.

Send Mass Text Messages

  • Our service makes mass text messaging a snap. We’ve streamlined the process and have made it incredibly intuitive to get your message out. Whether you’re at a computer or on the go, you’ll have no problem sending your texts.


  • Easily integrate SMS Using the fantastic Zen SMS API, we’ve developed a number of integrations to bring together your business communications.

Text Message Scheduling

  • Easily schedule text messages to go out on any date and time. You can set up a single campaign, or take care of several month’s worth of promotions all at once.


  • A full delivery report is available for every campaign, whether it’s to a single number or multiple recipients. Here you can quickly view which numbers have successfully received your message and those that haven’t – this will help you keep on top of your data and filter out the unused mobile numbers.


  • Your contacts are much more than just phone numbers on a list. Address each one by name. This feature allows you to easily merge first names, last names and more into your text marketing campaigns for that personal touch.


  • Your contact list is the heart of your SMS marketing campaigns. My way services have plenty of tools to allow you to easily segment your data with unlimited groups.

Multiple Sender IDs

  • Create and manage multiple sender IDs with our user-friendly web portal. Improve brand awareness and promote your brand with sender ID that your customer is familiar with.

Communicate in Multiple languages

  • Connect with your customers better by sending messages across the globe in their preferred language through Unicode messages and send messages.
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