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IVR System For Your Hospital

IVR Services

Healthcare is one of the wider industry wherein hospitals are taking care of patients and disease worldwide. To bring them abundant ease and comfort IVR Services are the best affordable source to automate the appointment booking, instant response & follow up visits. In today’s world, most of the hospitals are using an IVR application to send notifications and make a quick response.

It's not a single person who can attend all kinds of inquiries from existing or new patients. Thus IVR System enables direct your patients to the desired doctor or medical department. IVR has become the major essential of the day to day hospital activities. IVR Services have brought easiness in appointment booking & paying patient bills over the phone. IVR service ensures the countless benefits best suited to healthcare services.

  • Let your IVR do respond to every customer, handles them and offer self service.
  • IVR lets your patient connect with the right executive without wasting their time & energy.
  • A modern IVR system improves hospital workflow and productivity by managing wait times efficienctly.
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  • Multi-language availability/Use in your language or Select your own language
  • Enrollment of patients
  • Handle large appointment calls
  • Follow up visits
  • Real-time reporting
  • Better patient experience
  • Get OPD feedbacks
  • 24/7 availability
  • Improve efficiency
  • Manage wait times
  • Enhance productivity
ivr services
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IVR System Digitizes Healthcare Practices

Patient engagement improves quite well when staff time, availability and healthcare information is just a call away. If IVR is a toll-free number, your customers can reach you now for free without any hassle. It eliminates the communication gap and convenience is on the go to get to know hospital timings.

IVR provider offers a wide range of customized services that smartly integrates with a hospital system. It is a brilliant self-service to indicate patients easily to a specific doctor. Let me highlight the benefits of IVR at hospitals/clinics.
IVR acts as a receptionist and direct all your hospital route calls to the right agent or department to serve your patients better without any delay. If nobody is available to receive the calls, still an alternate option caller have, leave their message in the voicemail. Let me highlight the benefits of IVR at hospitals/clinics.

Automated Appointment Booking

Booking appointments is a basic need to consult with a doctor and correctly scheduling them is a hospital's job. IVR system automates the appointment schedule with doctors as per your permission. It won’t only automate the entire booking process but also keep track of each appointment given to the patients in an error free way.

Quick Billing

IVR enables patients to make payments at hospitals and clinics 24/7. IVR system can be customized as per suitable accepted payment modes like a credit card, debit card, and e-cheque payment. It doesn’t only save time, but also speeds up the payment process. All kinds of payments made with IVR quite safe & secure.

Instant Inquiry Response

There are many circumstances when patients want to get answer their phone calls in case of knowing doctors' availability, specialization or any emergency help. IVR system has made available them even without any staff help. Being the healthcare home hospitals can’t ignore patient inquiry made possible with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

ivr services
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