Gynecology Management Software

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Gynecology Management Software

Obvious fact Doctors have the most stressful and tedious jobs, for instance, creating treatment plans, attending to patients, writing a prescription, prescribing medicines and administrative work. How this could be managed easily without any hassle? With a miracle of advance cutting edge modern technology contributing in all aspects of life similarly, Sara Technologies has developed Gynecology Management Software with ultimate features. This software is the most effective tool catering demands of the Gynecologist in multiple ways for saving time & energy as well as cutting the cost. Gynecology Management Software is extensively smart and convenient for doctors helping to manage clinical and administrative operations.

Doctors have recently installed software to automate the entire procedures are followed in day to day life. When it comes to e-prescribing for the entire appointment booking management, billing reports, office reports, insurance claims, and statements, etc. These are manually time-consuming activities and highest paying job for different procedures at clinics/hospitals.

The complete Electronic Medical Records for Gynecology hospitals with minimal investment allow managing overall tasks digitally. No paperwork only single clicks fetch you detailed information, be it patient data or administration information management reports.

Get your Patients notified about their Receipts/Reports/Prescription & even schedule next Appointment through Mobile App

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Gynecology Management Software Includes Following Modules

The medical software is fast, reliable and rich in functionality for personalized support to the Gynecologists. It contains robust and interactive modules like billing records, private patient claiming, patients registration and advance reporting facilities. The best surprising thing about the software having flexible modules allows smooth running and customize clinical workflow.

  • Demographic Patient Details(Name, DOB, Gender, Address)
  • Doctor
  • Multiple Appointment at One Time Possible
  • E-Prescription
  • Specialized Discharge card Sonography Patient Registration
  • Message with Sound Effect
  • Advance Deposit Collection
  • Billing
  • E-Prescription
  • Financial History Of Collected Money
  • Report
  • Utilities
Gynecology management software
Gynecology software

Gynecology Management Software Includes Following Features

The best medical and interactive application improves work efficiency with great user functionality which seems easy to understand & run. It has advanced features to bring excellence for the management and administrative activities with zero error.

  • Patient Registration
  • Multiple Prescriptions of the Same Patient
  • Patient Booking through Appointment
  • Multiple Doctors and Hospitals Added
  • Doctors and Hospitals Commission
  • Sonography Reports
  • Ultrasound Images
  • X-rays Report
  • Partograph

Benefits of Using Gynecology Management Software

This software enables doctors to electronically transmit orders and gets results faster. Gynecology Management Software automates overall clinical activities by simplifying it. It is highly beneficial to the Gynecologists or medical professionals as deliver results faster.

  • Save Precious Time
  • Connect Your Multiple Clinics
  • Avoid Medication Error
  • Get Quick Prescription
  • Auto Reminder
  • Doctors Can Send SMS & Emails
  • Easy Operation
  • Quick And Faster
  • Improve Work Efficiency
  • Strategic Automation
Gynecology Management Software India
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