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What Are the Key Features of Lab Management Software?
2020-04-20 11:18:31

Pathology Software is a user-friendly system can be used in labs for patient data management and online lab reporting. It is adopted by laboratories to maintain patient lab reports and improve efficiency. It is intelligent software for Pathologist to run their labs effortlessly. This reduces paperwork and manual entries to conduct patient appointment and manage lab records. The purpose of developing Pathology Software is to bring ease to Pathologist and reduce their burdensome work.

It is an efficient and rapid reporting system which securely manages all the activities related to labs. We have developed the software by keeping lab professional requirements in mind to digitize and automate running lab. It involves a set of features are inbuilt with software to get you rid of manual entries and paperwork. It enables online appointment management, reports summary and invoice & billing, etc. It reduces cost, improves work efficiency and increase profits. Diagnostic Lab Management Software is fully integrated which connects all your lab equipment with machine integration.

The Salient Features

Pathology Software is a windows based system that you can install in your lab to enhance patient care and improve quality. A software system can be used for booking lab test, details of the patient and test reports. It saves time and energy by managing digital records effortlessly. Thus, we are highlighting the most dominant features are following as:

Book a Patients' Test

The entire health care system is digitally managed through software application like patient tests booking to improve the patient experience with lab services.

Appointment Scheduling

Diagnostic Lab Management Software enables lab staff for patient appointment scheduling at your convenient time which takes less time. You have fine time slots so you can manage it accordingly. For appointment scheduling doesn’t need to use paper because all the activities can be performed digitally herein.

SMS/Email Notifications

It is quite necessary, notifying patients for lab test and reports delivery thus, it helps to send auto-generated SMS for upcoming appointments as well. 

Data & Document Management

A software system digitizes operation procedure and patient data management all you can access within a few clicks. Laboratory Software contributes to maintain the standard, manage reports error-free and other medical information related to the lab. This document processing is more effective which takes minimum time to access and sharing lab reporting.

Sara Technologies provide Lab Software at an affordable price with stunning features and modules. These runs your lab and manage data without any paperwork. The best thing about software is fully customized as per your requirements. 

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