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A Complete OPD Software for Hospital & Clinic Management
2020-04-30 17:14:06

OPD Software is a practice management solution, for hospital/clinic, it takes care of overall health care practices from reception to e-prescribing. This is an integrated healthcare software for mid to large size hospitals and manages overall activities takes place in hospital everyday life. We provide fully integrated software to proceed with all the information related to patients, doctors, nursing staff, financial management and administrative aspects etc. It increases efficiency and reduces the work burden by digitizing all health care practices quite paperless. 

This is highly demanding and growing software for a general physician or for specialized doctors we have different modules to ease your work. A software comes along with stunning features to ensure that it matches your expectations by delivering a better solution for patient demographic details, clinical notes, digital prescriptions, treatment plans, lab reports and other medical information etc. We are highlighting the most advantageous features run your OPD clinic/hospital paperless. 

Appointment Management 

All in one software simple and functional to speed up hospital practices and digitally manage overall workflow. It is an affordable scheduling software, easy to operate across the medical industry. 

Pharmacy Management System

Doctor Software is an intelligent system can be combined with pharmacy module to integrate hospital work effortlessly. Now patients and doctors don’t need to visit different departments because it can be managed via software to keep track of overall activities. It enables to dispense medicines with accurate digital billing provided to the patients. 


OPD Clinic Software automates the entire workflow by streamlining health care practices in a few clicks. The manual entries were taking place in hospitals now paperwork has been minimized with the software installation for e-prescribing. 

Patient Queue Management 

QMS Software facilitates OPD clinics/hospital by organizing queues and minimizing patient wait times. Earlier, patients were used to wait in queues to get a turn for doctor appointment thus queue management software enables patients to get token and see for their turn on the screen. 

Patient Data Management 

It would be the finest option to get collected patient data securely stored and no fear of data loss. Practice Management Software is a reliable solution for hospitals, which builds trust and transparency between doctors and staffs with authorized access. All the administrative data and financial management information are collected via software. 


Doctors Prescription Software is adopted by hundreds of healthcare professionals for some good reasons. It is always trusted for its accurate calculation and digital billing, absolutely reduce the burden of tiresome jobs. 

Get OPD Software on Rent from Sara Technologies at affordable price by paying for a monthly basis. It is a good opportunity to have own software in a little investment. 

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