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Why Bing Says Goodbye To The Public URL Submission Tool
2019-11-18 11:35:08

Bing has announced that the public URL submission tool shut down with lots of reasonable purposes. Bing has followed Google footsteps to make website URL indexing effective only for authorized users. It is time to restrict unauthorized users to get permission for URL submission with low-quality content into the Bing search index. Google already shut down public URL submission only a few months ago due to some reasons to restrict access from third-party limitless.

Bing still allows using Bing webmaster tools to submit your website URLs. Don’t be upset with new trends, it’s a marketing strategy always changeable to obtain better results for the business. By switching off the public tool, Bing stops unwanted low quality and less trustable URLs access for its search index.

How Does It Impact User?

This is simply described, you won’t be authorized to submit URL you want to index in the Bing search index. In spite of this, create a Webmaster Tools account, need to verify website to submit URLs in different ways into the Bing search index.

After using once, twice and thrice, you can directly login with same Id password & verify your website to submit URLs with the help of Configure My Site Menu.

Impact In Terms Of Search

This intelligent, strategic decision might assist in minimizing spam shown in the search results by focusing on relevant quality content. It enables to reduce spam shown or to improve the search experience of the new exciting users.

Microsoft search engine recommends using Webmaster Tool to submit URLs into its search index. Bing search engine gathers very low-quality data and if anyone submits a page address there is not a single resource to measure quality and quantity. Thus, Bing shut down the public URLs submission.

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