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What Is Gynecology Management Software?
2019-11-18 11:46:05

Gynecology Management Software is exclusively made for hospitals and clinics to facilitate them with ease & comfort. It is designed to manage overall procedures with a complete understanding of requirements. This software super easy to learn with comprehensive features are inbuilt with the software.

In hospital management software avoid hustle bustle everything you need handy including an important patient data with medical records. Electronic medical records can be kept with a complete medical history for quick further medication. An online software allows doctors and physicians to keep records centric for hustle free treatment and care to patients by providing them online prescription no paperwork everything managed online.

Gynecology Management Software is formulated for easy installation in hospitals and clinics where they hire a bigger management team to cover up overall procedures. But a software installation is an excellent choice for prescription handling for all appointment scheduling, billing reports, office reports, insurance claims, and statements, etc. Literally, it is time-consuming and expensive managed overall aspects individually, but software installation all you need to improve healthcare performance and patients experience. Gynecology Software is designed to manage astounding workflow to deliver quality patient care.

Gynecology Management Software Include Following Modules:

This software helps to manage complications in billing, reports, and e-prescriptions seem time-consuming task. For further medication enter patient details to quick access. It enables to set reminder alerts for scheduled appointments or even new appointments to get timely updates.

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Appointment Booking
  • Set Reminder
  • Prescription
  • Billing
  • Report
  • Utilities

Gynecology Software Features:

Features are intelligent value added & time-saving basically patient come from far away and wait for long hours to a medical appointment with doctors due to the crowd at hospitals. But it manages workflow and shortens burden of Gynecologist to timely interact or consult patients.

 Multiple Doctors & Hospitals Added 

With Gynecology Software multiple doctors can be added to improve workflow in lesser time. This allows using all its features, for creating ease and convenience with better connectivity to patients. It doesn’t make you restless.

Doctors and Hospitals Commission

Commission for referral in the healthcare industry, which is accepted as a genuine deal to the patient referrals.

Patient Registration

Patient registration, visit details and prescribed medication information are accessible for healthcare practitioners.

Patient Appointment Booking

Get timely updates for new patient appointments booking at few clicks only. This must be installed in the Gynecology hospital to make work easier and faster.

Multiple Appointments Booking Of the Same Patient

If patients visit hospitals, multi times for different medical appointments or medication, it can be managed centric by accessing overall previous health checkup reports and medication details.

Manage Multi Prescription of Same Patient

Gyneac software is amazing to facilitate in every condition for managing multi prescription of the same patient. In case if the patient has many health suspicions and diseases symptoms, so multi prescription is to manage with Gynecology Management Software.


This software feature and efficiency are admirable with its excellent workflow and performance. The most possible feature manages inpatient and outpatient records at fingertips only.

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