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Payroll Management Software To Ease Your Burdensome Work
2019-11-18 10:59:59

This is obvious every organization needs to manage or maintain financial aspects like salary calculation & distribution requires a robust eye. To digitally maintain overall financial practices Payroll Management Software is an exclusive solution to get rid of manual tasks now manage entire practices paperless. Payroll management is generally a complex process which seems time-consuming due to vast calculations. But if you need error-free calculations in less time Payroll Software must be a prior choice. The software interface is very simple & user-friendly in every aspect. It is full-featured, all in one available to ease the work burden of each organization install a robust smart software.

How Software Manage Payroll In Less Time

With the technology revolution, why you don’t put efforts to move digitally get control over payroll system. This software does minimize tasks and ease the calculation be it small or large.


Everything you need to manage Payroll Software permits to maintain records digitally. It is packed with innovative tools and automation system with a purpose to bring you good business. These are the main modules allows full convenience by using the following as:

  • Salary Management
  • Employee Information
  • Auto-Generated Salary Slip
  • Document Details
  • Leave Management
  • Auto Sync with Biometric Devices
  • Manage Multiple Work Locations
  • Roster Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • Company Details
  • HRD
  • MIS Reports
  • Field Master Setup
  • Users
  • Permission
  • Utilities

Salient Features

Empower your business with the number of features are inbuilt to make your entire work simpler and easier. No manual entries now you can track every employee information in a few clicks only. But selecting the right Payroll Software might be a headache which ultimately could be benefitted for your business.

  • Complete Data Backup
  • User-Level Access Rights
  • Holiday List Setup
  • Auto Salary Calculation
  • Bonus Calculations And Reporting
  • Auto-Generated Salary Slip
  • PF Calculations ESI Computations
  • Reminder
  • Employees Login
  • Email/SMS Integration
  • Field Management
  • Report
  • Filter
  • Attendance Import From Biometric, Excel And Manually


Payroll Management Software is a web-based solution to fasten your payroll responsibilities without qualified staff, you can individually manage with the help of software. Find a convenient time to get started your payroll process got simpler. 

  • Save Time & Energy
  • Avoid Calculation Errors
  • Auto Reminder
  • Quick and Convenient Employee Data Access
  • Distribute Salary at Your Ease
  • Safe & Secure
  • Faster Calculation
  • Auto-Generated Salary Slip
  • Streamline Payroll Process
  • Easy & Flexible Operation


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