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How to Develop SEO Friendly Site In WordPress?
2019-11-18 10:56:18

WordPress is an open-source platform in which a lot of websites are developed for being the fastest and the emerging CMS software. Deciding to set up a website in WordPress is a brilliant idea, but for making it SEO friendly takes time and efforts. Search Engine Optimization has always clear intention to boost up your site readability, accessibility and main factor good conversion rate.

Wordpress has always been in demand for developing websites with full-fledged features for free. Every business does SEO now due to uncountable benefits in the online world. In general, SEO is the most effective strategy  help to boost up growth and reputation in the online world. Sara Technologies is leading an IT Company providing WordPress web development services and our professional marketing team does SEO too brings you good results.

Choose A Good Web Host

A primary factor is to make sure the best hosting will increase site loading speed. Needless to say, it is a dominant ranking factor to Google. If your site is struggling for fast loading you should contact your host why it’s not properly working. Sara Technologies is the Best WordPress Development Company in Noida known for good site development and SEO as well.

Customize Page Title

A Wordpress website by default uses your page title as the HTML page title. It doesn’t seek the meta description or keywords tag. When the name of a page bookmarked to both locally and socially undoubtedly good for SEO.

Decrease of 404 Error

Such an error makes a bad impression to the user if he or she tries to access any particular page of the site. 404 error is so much irritating and loses the reliability of online users to your business. If you have categorized some section over a website pagination fix plugin as this is a part of the installation process. Try to avoid such errors might be resulting in future growth as barriers.

Add Google Analytics

With multiple tricks, you can add google analytics to your website to let the administration track day to day activities performed by the user on the website. This is good to configure your website don’t forget to activate at least when you’re finally launching site. Sara Technologies is a leading WordPress Web Design Company India is known for the best services in the marketplace.

Install SEO Plugin and Use Canonical 

Installing an SEO plugin is an important factor to make your site SEO friendly with fewer efforts. It is the main aspect of among Search Engine Optimization(SEO) factor that will maintain your blog over the website by determining the original URLs of content on your blog. By this source duplicate content is removed from a WordPress site.

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