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Blog Compass By Google To Let You Know Your Blog
2019-11-18 12:07:14

Google announced Blog Compass on Friday as of its new release aiming to assist the bloggers for tracking visitor information, engage readers and checking search engine presence. Blogging is not only about writing content on a topic, but also exploring trendy topics.

It is a better way to share information as well as attracting the audience judging by the views, shares, likes, and comments etc.

If on your blog posts are everything likes, shares and comments, you will be more than blessed. An app is addressed by Google as Blog Compass going to be essential for every blogger.

Introduction to Blog Compass

Blog compass is well designed to help the bloggers or inspire them based upon their requirements. This is including amazing features where you can get important tips to get started writing with effective SEO and Google Analytics. Now the time to explore, write more and more, but worry less. It supports services in Hindi & English.

Despite bloggers, this is compatible with Digital marketers as most of them primarily prioritize blogging for effective marketing. By seeking suggestions here from in all aspects blogging will be more quietly effective. Blog compass app is recently in open beta and only available in India for Hindi & English speaking users.

Blogs are the most important resource for sharing more and more information and help internet users with useful information. This app is potentially compatible with WordPress & both are dominant blogging platforms in India.

One more additional feature connects to Google Analytics and Search Console to let you know several activities here a number of views, traffic modes, Google search status and most recent google search which turn to your blog.

There are two dominant characteristics of Blog Compass, you can find listed here below:

This is generally designed for rising Indian market so Hindi and English language known can comfortably use of it.

It allows users to come up with relevant information or source in which users interested.

It typically enforces the use of keywords increase searches and interest of online users.

The existing bloggers have an opportunity to come out with more blogging ideas and trending topics to write about. It helps bloggers to target the right audience.

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