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Social Media Marketing Packages

Affordable SMO Packages & Pricing India

An Affordable Social Media Marketing Price & Packages In India

Would you like to hire Digital Marketing company in India to grow over the internet worldwide through social sharing of your upcoming or existing brand or product? It is the time everyone loves internet to find their essentials either it’s for buying, eating, wearing or taking SMM services of the company for software production or promoting business with the use of effective techniques. Today’s generation spends more time on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, where you can advertise or share new launches to engage huge traffic to redirect them on your website through a link.

The latest new cutting-edge technologies are entering into our lives gradually and bringing surprising changes. For instance, Social Media Marketing agency in India is very advanced to get you convenient reach to the global customers on media channels. Digital Marketing companies in India are getting revenue by targeting a specific audience in the local network area or for worldwide locations.

An affordable Social Media Marketing service provider company in India with best solutions are generating new opportunities to connect and reach out to customers to the online platforms. Users on the internet can easily get back through the website link to know your services and pricing plans. The content is posted and shared across over social channels. Brand awareness takes a long time to happen honestly.

After dealing with our affordable Social Marketing price and packages you will notice improvements in search results, a number of visits, maximizing keywords rank to connect you with target audience. Social Media Marketing services in India has strategically created to promote the brand within little investment.

S.No. Particulars Basic Standard Business
Monthly Package INR 7,500 INR 14,500 INR 21,000
USD 115 USD 215 USD 315
Social Media Networking/ Marketing/ Optimization
1 Social Media Profile Creation yes yes yes
2 Social Media Profile Management Yes Yes Yes
1 Facebook Page Yes Yes Yes
2 Facebook Enhance Yes Yes Yes
3 Facebook Likes (8-10) % ** (10-12) % ** (13+) % **
4 Post Share 40 80 120
5 Facebook Post 20 40 80
1 Twitter Setup Yes Yes Yes
2 Twitter Tweets 20 40 80
3 Retwitts 20 40 80
4 Follower (8-10) % ** (10-12) % ** (13+) % **
1 Google Page Creation No Yes Yes
2 Daily Updates No Yes Yes
3 Post Share No 80 120
4 Follower No (8-10) % ** (10-12) % **
5 Video Optimization No No Yes
6 Video URLs Submission No No Yes
1 Linkedin Profile Creation No No Yes
2 Linkedin – Company Page No No Yes
3 sharing Post No No Yes
1 Pinterest Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
2 Image Sharing 10 20 40
3 Pinboard Updates No No Yes
3 Manage Followers No No Yes
3 Website Verification No No Yes
1 Profile Creation/Setup Yes Yes Yes
2 Instagram Image Sharing 20 80 100
3 Followers (8-10) % ** (10-12) % ** (13+) % **
3 Image Tagging to Friends/Followers Yes Yes Yes
3 Instagram Analytics Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
3 Content Writing for Instagram Profile No Yes Yes
1 Youtube Channel Creation Yes Yes Yes
2 Video Content Optimization No Yes Yes
3 Video Title & Meta Description Optimization Yes Yes Yes
3 Video/Posting/Sharing (Provided by client) 1 5 10
3 Video Like or Subscribers No 10 30
3 Youtube Background Design Yes Yes Yes
Other Activity
1 Forum Posting Yes Yes Yes
2 Blog Posting 1 5 10
3 Article Submission 1 5 10
4 Press Release Submissiont 2 4
5 Commenting/Review No Yes Yes
6 Social Bookmarking 40 80 120
1 Activity Reports (Monthly) Yes Yes Yes
Client Support
1 Email Support Yes Yes Yes
2 Chat Yes Yes Yes
3 Telephone Yes Yes Yes

SMO-An Innovative Marketing Technique

Social Media plays a crucial role in promoting brand and interacting with the customer to know their needs for the best result. The number of professional Digital Marketing Agencies in India makes great efforts and fight struggles to compete with competitors of their clients for maximizing their chances of brand sales. It is strategically operated using social media channels to maximize the benefits of the business.

Honest Budget-Friendly Pricing

Sara Technologies has designed SMO service packages in India ordinarily suits the client’s budget within our offered services. Our premium plans are categorized into three sections Basic, Standard and Business package plan to ensure you reap the maximum benefits of operating smart SMO services marketing trends over the social channel for happy customers. Choose our plan seems you extra beneficial to bring you good results.

  **Number of likes will be guaranteed after 2-3 months of service taken and with paid activities. SMO is about strategically creating, building and maximizing your social media plan to connect with your target audience. We allows you to:

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Lead generation
  • Returns on Investment
  • High visibility online and traffic
  • Connect with your audience

Our Social Media Marketing Services are tailored to tackle the unique challenges of your business and to put your company in a better position.