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If you are a start-up and inspired by an emerging world of technology brought innovation and advancements in the development process. Sara Tech developer, unlike freelancers, makes it easy to outsource for new client’s projects done with guaranteed quality. Hire India’s most talented professional web developers as a full-time teammates to develop E-commerce sites, Customize Web Development ,Softwares & Mobile Applications related to your business needs.

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We are straightforward but not to commit regardless, Our 5+years of experience developers work to deal with specific requirements of happy clients. Our skilled professional team develops Dynamic Websites, Mobile Applications or websites which run on multi-browser.

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Sara Tech group is committed to assisting clients to achieve their business goals by creating value for customers. A team of skilled developers who have in-depth knowledge and expertise to find out instant smart solutions. Feel free to contact us, we will get you back a quick response.

Fixed Price Projects Services


Fixed price projects India base pricing model is also referrer to as Fixed Bid or Fixed Price. The typical features of this model are:

  • Fixed Scope
  • Fixed Price
This option is open for Clients in the following scenarios:
  • Clear Requirements: Scope and specifications for the projects have a high level of clarity.
  • Requirements and Design Document: Requirement analysis and Web application design have already completed.
Benefits of Fixed price projects India
  • A low risk option, which you can choose when the scope and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear.
  • We offer Project based pricing in domains wherein we have the expertise and also have well defined estimation tools to determine the resource commitments.
  • Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target.