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Ayurveda Management Software

Ayurveda Management Software is being developed for doctors running their individual clinic. We are developing every possible system that a doctor needs on daily basis in her/his medical practice. Doctors can manage Panchkarma, Service Medicine and Membership etc. It makes the job more easy, systematic, organized & smooth.

Veterinary Software

Veterinarians can use veterinary software to manage patient information, doctor information, appointment, booking, treatment/prescription, billing, expenses and reports etc.

Cardiology Management Software

This is a web based tool that offers customization at the point of care and on the go. It includes scheduling, prescription, billing and reports.

Laundry Management Software

Laundry Management Software is a must for Laundry shops, more commonly known as Dry cleaning shops. Whether you are running a single outlet laundry business or multi outlet chain of dry cleaning shops, a laundry software helps you to manage your day to day operations smoothly. Cash management, customer profile and detail transactions are the most important functions performed.

Cafeteria Management Software

It is common for Offices, Factories, Call Centres, Hostels, Schools, Clubs and Hospitals to operate their own cafeterias for their employees and students. Cafeteria management software that tracks item-wise food consumption and also for a group of users. Different menus can be planned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special days and different occasions.

Diabetes Management Software

Diabetes Management Software is a web based tool that helps doctors to manage all the activities such as patient’s appointment, booking, prescription, billing and reports etc.

Ambulance Management Software

The Ambulance Management Software is a web based tool to allow the administration of Hospital to manage all Ambulance. It will manage all vehicles, ambulance booking, ambulance maintenance, driver management, location tracking, all type of charges and reports.

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