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Paediatric Management Software

Paediatric Management Software

There are problems in managing patients, doctors, booking, appointment, prescription etc. in Paediatric Clinics/Hospitals. To solve the issues many software’s are available in the market that can be used for booking, appointment and billing etc. But managing the child prescription is still too difficult. There are many parameters of the child growth measurement that cannot be recorded manually. If any how record has been kept but again it is too difficult to compare the things with the previous record and same thing happens with Vaccination.

Now a days there are many types of vaccinations available in the market those usually doctors prescribe to a child for the better prevention from multiple disease. So to manage all the vaccinations, their defined time period with respect to the child’s age, consumed vaccination date and auto reminders, Sara Technologies has developed a Paediatric Software.

Paediatric Software is a dynamic online software that will allow paediatrician to prescribe better paediatric care.

This Software helps paediatrician to make online appointment, booking, prescription, growth measurement, vaccination, billing, reports and many more.

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Paediatric Management System Includes Following Modules:

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Appointment
  • Booking
  • Prescription
  • Growth Measurement
  • Vaccination
  • Billing
  • Reports
  • Utilities

Key Features of Paediatric Management System

  • Multiple doctors and Multiple Hospitals can be added
  • Doctors and Hospitals Commission can be added
  • Patient/Child registration, appointment, booking and prescription can be added
  • Child growth can be measured by different parameters
  • Dynamic vaccination chart for vaccination name, vaccination date, number of dose, vaccination date range according to the child date of birth.
  • Auto reminders through SMS or Email
  • Expense Report, Collection Report and Balance Clearance Report

Benefits of Using Paediatric Management System

  • Save time
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Auto reminder
  • Easy operation
  • Easy and Faster
  • Improve efficiency
  • Strategic Automation

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