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Paediatric Management Software

All In One Paediatric Management Software For Best Self Help

Paediatric Management Software is the perfect solution for Pediatricians to manage patients, doctors, booking, appointment, and prescription etc. Offering quick and easy auto managing resource to treat patients as children for growth measurement, vaccination, reports, and billing are not easy parameters recorded manually. Our software contains Automated Growth Chart, Progress Note, Prescribed Medicines, Reports, Prescriptions with data safety and security. Integrated practice management system allows to the clinical or hospitals management staff to perform their best in administrative and financial level.

It seems daunting to investigate improvement and previous medical record of child health and the same thing happens during vaccination, Doctors usually prescribe for a child for quick heal and prevention from multiple diseases. Thus, it is to manage all the prescribed vaccination, child age and given date & time period. Sara Technologies has designed and developed dynamic online software enables the pediatrician to prescribe better treatment care. This software facilitates pediatrician to make an online appointment, booking, vaccination, billing, and reports etc. Under the Paediatric treatment, such information is literally important to record for establishing unparalleled automation and convenient workflow.

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Pediatric Management System Includes Following Modules:

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Appointment
  • Booking
  • Prescription
  • Growth Measurement
  • Vaccination
  • Billing
  • Reports
  • Utilities

Key Features of Paediatric Management System

Hospitals or Clinical based astounding tool that helps you manage good medicine and drive revenue improvements for business. This software is easy to use and value added at an affordable price. These are highlighted main features can be enjoyed by pediatric for child’s easy, ready-made prescriptions that can be printed.

  • Multiple doctors and Multiple Hospitals can be added
  • Doctors and Hospitals Commission can be added
  • Patient/Child registration, appointment, booking, and prescription can be added
  • Child growth can be measured by different perspectives
  • Dynamic vaccination chart for vaccination name, vaccination date, number of doses, Vaccination date range according to the child date of birth
  • Auto reminders through SMS or Email
  • Expense Report, Collection Report, and Balance Clearance Report

Benefits of Using Paediatric Management Software

Pediatricians are blessed appreciating the advance cutting-edge technology for improving their pediatric care with the best self-help. As they move to the digital world Electronic health records and revenue management software is exclusively designed for pediatricians that is available in the well-reputed hospitals and clinical healthcare center. Know more benefits of using the Paediatric Management Software:

  • Save Time
  • Avoid Medication Error
  • Auto Reminder
  • Monitor Patient’s Growth
  • Easy And Faster
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Strategic Automation
  • Monitor Immunization

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