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Dental Management Software

The Software Builds Strong Coordination Between Doctors And Patients

Get the help of Dental Management Software for Dental Surgeons, Dentist and Doctors all having their own clinics or hospitals to serve patients separately. Thus, Sara Technologies has developed & designed Dental Management Software to serve the Medical Industry for ease and comfort. It is an admirable solution for Dentists serving hundreds of patients every day. This seems difficult to manage the overall activities from prescriptions to prescribed medicines, billing and reports. This software allows comprehensive features available to manage multiple practices with one dashboard.

With our integrated Dental software, we serve hospitals and clinics to make the management process smartly paperless. This seamlessly integrates Patient management, Clinical management, and administration with the help of its effective modules, for instance Appointment scheduler, Dental chart, Billing, Insurance, Reports, Reception management, Oral investigation and Treatment procedure etc. Dental Management is browser compatible conveniently works on multiple browsers and OS (Operating System). When it comes to the additional features chart option is available for a delightful experience while using this software. Dentists can provide print to the patients for entire treatment activities, prescribed medicines and many more. Sara Technologies has built Dental Management Software for its clients with effective testing of a software by multiple phases of refinement.

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Dental Management Software Includes Following Modules/Sections:

  • Patients
  • Doctor
  • Appointment
  • Booking
  • Prescription
  • Dental Chart Billing
  • Report
  • Utilities

Key Features of Dental Management Software:

It sounds surprising, but works faster and smarter more efficiently with accurate billing and reporting handled remotely.
  • Multiple Dentists and Hospitals Can be Added
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Booking Through Appointment
  • Multiple Appointment and Booking of The Same Patient
  • Multiple Prescriptions of the Same Patient
  • Patient History Record
  • Dynamic Setting Options for Complaints and Treatment
  • Flexible Database
  • Auto Appointment Reminder Alert

Benefits of using Dental Management Software:

  • Save Precious Time
  • Digitize Complete Schedule
  • Avoid Medication Error
  • Set Auto Reminder
  • Easier & Faster
  • Improve the Patient Experience
  • Strategic Automation
  • Facilitate Digital Billing & Reports
  • Enhance Efficiency

The Proven and Trusted Dental Software Works For

  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Reduce Work Pressure & Stress
  • Automate Tasks
  • Deliver Business Excellence
  • Achieve Financial Goals
  • Billing & Report Collections
  • Make Management System Paperless

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